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  • The Threat Of Cashless Societies (A cashless society truly is a scary world. Picture everything that you’ve read about in history books within other totalitarian regimes, and you’ll get a taste of what is to come.)

    The Threat Of Cashless Societies (A cashless society truly is a scary world. Picture everything that you’ve read about in history books within other totalitarian regimes, and you’ll get a taste of what is to come.)

    Cash is the king.

    So the old adage goes anyway, and for the prepper – the one who’s keeping abreast of current events – cash is one of the last man-made means of protection that he or she has against governments that have grown to a degree of power that they never had before.

    The Dangers of a Cashless Society

    There are two predominant dangers that come with a cashless society, and just about every negative that you can think of due to such will fall into one of these two groups:

    1. Denial of purchasing power
    2. A complete loss of anonymity

    Denial of Purchasing Power

    The Threat Of Cashless Societies

    A cashless society is a controlled society. If everything must go through an online banking or credit card process, then you have just lost virtually all control over what you buy.

    Anything that is not politically sanctioned(guns, ammo, body armor, helmets, particular books, particular website premium subscriptions, political donations, etc.) could very easily be vaporized overnight.

    This, of course, would drive the makers and holders of such products into a black market to barter their goods, and this in turn would be responded to by the use of overwhelming government force. This will come in the form of Stryker vehicles, concussion grenades, snipers, and men with automatic rifles and body armor.

    Don’t believe me? Read FA Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom. Totalitarian governments must resort to force simply for the sole reason that people will naturally refuse to comply with widespread theft of their own goods. This force will only continue to grow in its usage.

    Totalitarians do not accept blame for their own economical failures. The state is the end of all things to them, and as such, the end justifies the means – no matter how terrifying such a means may be.

    A Complete Loss of Anonymity

    Once cash is abolished everywhere, your attempts at any form of anonymity will be destroyed.

    The Threat Of Cashless Societies

    You already have an amazing amount of data that has been collected from you from your Internet search history, GPS data, voting history, bank statements, credit card statements, phone data, and a host of other publicly available information that easily allows people to deduce information from you.

    And where humans fail, algorithms thrive. I have a hobby interest in algorithm creation (particularly multiple linear regression analysis) and have used it within my healthcare job as a means of predicting patient attendance rather accurately on any given day. I’ve also used them to (somewhat less accurately) predict when a patient was going to have episodes of heart block.

    Algorithms are a powerful tool, and the more data you feed them, the stronger they get. With the amount of data that has been collected on you already, the government may be able to make a much stronger prediction about who you are, what you believe, and what you possess than you would’ve ever thought possible.

    Just think about what a cashless society would mean for the following purchases:

    • Medicine – The government can now invade your medical privacy to see what meds you need to live as well as know what could either improve or hamper your condition. For those who don’t believe that this is a concern, just keep in mind that it wasn’t that long ago that the US military was warning its soldiers against getting genetic testing to determine their family tree. Why? Because it was deemed to be a security risk. What do they know here that we don’t?
    • Food – Algorithms can easily predict when you are buying much more than what you could eat within a particular span of time. This then means that food stores can be predicted and located. Come disaster time, your house could easily be one of the first that is targeted for “hoarding”. And what happens if it’s determined that those with large food stores are likely to be “domestic terrorists”?
    • Firearms and Body Armor – This is the low-hanging fruit here. Weapons, ammunition, body armor – they could all be easily tracked (and later confiscated). Buying “too much” of one particular product may cause red flags to be attached to your file, and you could very easily end up with a visit from an alphabet agency full of men carrying what is now a felony for you to own.
    • Ham Radios – There already seems to be an attack against ham radio users as the government has realized that this is the route that many fearing censorship/silencing are turning toward. If you can shut down all communication other than what is government sanctioned, you have effectively silenced free speech.
    • Media – Do you like to watch documentaries that may be labeled as conspiracy theories? Is it that hard to imagine a “misinformation tax” to discourage Americans from imbibing in certain forms of media? Why not? We’ve already seen the “death by a thousand cuts” approach being used with firearms so that the argument can be made that “no, you can have a gun, but you just have to fill out these fifty forms, pay a $4000 fee, and have a license. See? There’s no infringement whatsoever.”

    To think that the same idea couldn’t be applied to the news commentators that you like to listen to is naive.

    Here are some arguments that will be used for a cashless society:

    Physical Money Shortages

    The Threat Of Cashless Societies

    Throughout 2020 we were told that there was a coin shortage throughout the U.S.

    As a result, retailers either quit giving coin change back or strongly discouraged customers from asking for it.

    Kroger actually resorted to either giving you back your money in the form of credit vouchers (to that particular store of course) or by donating the change that they owed you to charity.

    Control Over Dangerous and Illegal Purchases

    In what can only be viewed as an incredibly ironic wordsmithing, we will be told that one of the benefits to a cashless society is that we can finally rein in purchases that are deemed by the government to be dangerous to the public.

    Guns, ammunition, freedom-oriented books (“radical terrorist recruiting material”), and the like will be argued against so that we can keep our society safe. Notice that there is always an emphasis on safety throughout this entire process.

    A Fomite of Disease

    Pandemic paying

    Once again, 2020 set the stage here. Cash purchases plummeted worldwide, with credit cards filling in the void as people began to avoid any and all cash purchases with the hopes of not getting themselves sick.

    This was a talking point spouted throughout the mainstream media in 2020 and will continue to be used in the future as the push for the abolition of cash continues.

    Cost of Creation Outweighs the Actual Value of Money

    We see this already with the US penny. It actually costs 2.41₵ to produce a single penny.

    While our government currently has no problem with making fiscally irresponsible decisions, when it finally does come around to deciding that “you know what, pennies aren’t worth it” – or any other form of cash for that matter – there will be nobody that will argue against them.

    This decision will be portrayed as a means of reducing wasteful spending, and anyone who argues against this given reasoning for the abolition of cash will be labeled as an idiot who can’t do proper math.

    Less Risk of Theft

    We don’t often hear this argument being made currently, but it is out there.

    Card fraud

    The argument goes that if you’re mugged while you’re carrying $300 in cash, you simply lose all of your money.

    However, if you’re mugged and all you have on you is your credit card, then you can quickly call the credit card company, cancel your card, and be reimbursed for any disputed charges that were made in the interim.

    What Can We Do to Fight This Process?

    While I do believe that a cashless society is inevitable, I do think that there are things we can do to fight against it and to slow it down.

    Here is what we can do as freedom and privacy-loving Americans.

    #1. You Need to Make Friends with Like-Minded People Now

    I used to always blow off this idea. It wasn’t until I began talking with Forest of Prepper Net that I began to see the light on this issue. If you don’t have like-minded friends, you’re going to be up a creek without a paddle when a cashless society hits.

    You need to know who has what skills, who has what goods, who can get what, and where their sympathies lie. Perhaps this is more of a cashless society survival skill, but nevertheless, refusal to comply is still a means of fighting against a cashless society.

    And this isn’t just refusal to comply based on principal. This is refusal to comply because to do otherwise would mean certain death. When you’re not allowed into a store to buy food and other necessary goods for your family because you refuse to use Fedcoins for purchase or refuse to show a vaccination card you better be dang sure that you have some alternate means of getting what you need to live.

    History has proven such. Read the diary of Anne Frank. Had Otto Frank (her father) not had connections with like-minded (this is key) people throughout his neighborhood well prior to his going into hiding with his family, they would’ve died well before the Nazis came and took them away.

    Listen to what Good Patriot out of Texas has to say in her Fighting Back videos on Telegram. She’s echoing this same thought process. You need to make groupings of people who can work together to combat this evil.

    #2. Develop Some Means of Production

    Both Ayn Rand and Adam Smith harped on the fact that production is what equals true wealth. Whether it’s learning how to raise livestock, how to work with leather, how to tan hides, you need to learn some means of production so that you can still produce wealth when cash is taken from you.

    You still have to eat. You still have to put bread on the table. And there are going to be others out there who have principles and love logic who will be of the same mind as you. They are going to want to trade for supplies. Barter will come back in full force. You’ll need to have some means of producing something of value so that you can get what you need.

    #3. Invest in Precious Metals

    Robert Kiyosaki harps upon this in his new book, Fake, the reason being, that precious metals have intrinsic value. They’ve been used as a form of money for roughly 6,000 years now, and they’re not going to stop being a store of value anytime soon. Within a barter society, this may be one of your best stores of wealth.

    On top of this, over 40% of the US dollar supply has been printed within the past year alone. Every other economist you see is screaming about the signs of inflation. The U.S. dollar is about to collapse. There is no longer any denying it. Inflation has already risen drastically and will only continue to grow worse. You need to begin doing something to protect your wealth from inflation.

    Precious metals are part of the solution.

    #4. Start Using Masked Payments

    If you don’t have one already, you need to set up a account. This is a form of masked debit card that will help to keep your purchases anonymous. Yes, this is a form of cashless payment, but it is still a way to fight against such a monster.

    Provided that money is flowing out of your account but nobody can tell who you just bought from or what you bought, you’ll be much safer in your transaction privacy.

    #5. Refuse to Cater to Businesses that Don’t Permit Cash Transactions

    If you tug on their purse strings, they eventually change their mind. I’m sorry, but when good compromises with evil, evil wins. Do what you can to avoid these businesses like the plague, and then let them know why you’re avoiding them.

    I used to carry around business cards detailing why I wouldn’t support businesses with ‘’no gun’’ stickers on the front doors. I’ve since ran out. I think that such a business card for businesses that don’t permit cash transactions would be an easy way to voice one’s displeasure as well.

    Here’s a sample card template:

    I consider your refusal to accept cash as un-American, a forced invasion of my privacy, and a totalitarian tool. As such, I will cease from doing any business with you for the near future and will be spending my money at your competitors instead.”

    This is similar to the language that I used within my Second Amendment business cards. I bought them easily off of Vistaprint (around 500 for $20 or so) and considered the money worth every penny.

    #6. Learn How to Grow Your Own Food

    There’s already a movement afoot within the U.S. to keep certain types of people out of grocery stores. Vaccination papers are beginning to be asked for before one gains access to certain venues or hotel chains. It won’t be long until cashless payments are the only means of accessing even groceries.

    Because of this, I highly recommend that you learn how to grow most of your own food, and begin learning now. Gardening has quite a learning curve and is nowhere near as easy as Michael Bloomberg would have you believe. You need to ensure that your family can eat, and gardening is a great part of that process.

    Final Thoughts

    A cashless society truly is a scary world. Picture everything that you’ve read about in history books within other totalitarian regimes, and you’ll get a taste of what is to come. I implore you to do something now to protect yourself against the rolling stone that is coming down the mountain right for you.

    If you follow the above advice, you’ll help to ease the blow. And there’s no doubt about it – it will be a smack in the face. But we can’t just sit back and do nothing as privacy dies a quiet death inside what was once the freest nation on Earth.

    If you’ve found other ways to combat a cashless society that we did not cover within this article, by all means, please let us and others know within the comments. This is about helping our fellow man, and as much input is needed as possible.

  • 5 Forgotten Ways Your Ancestors Stayed Warm During Winter

    5 Forgotten Ways Your Ancestors Stayed Warm During Winter

    These days staying warm at home is easier than ever. It hasn’t always been that way, with our ancestors shivering their way through many a cold winter. In the olden days, houses were a lot colder than they are now due to lack of insulation. So, how did families stay warm at home before heaters and heating were invented?

    1. Fire Places
    For many families, the fire place would have been the focal point of their lounge room. Families would sit around the fireplace at night time talking, reading or working on small craft items. Many houses only had one or two rooms so one fireplace was enough to heat most of the house. Wealthier homeowners with more than 3 or 4 rooms would have had a fireplace in a couple of rooms. For those lucky enough, they would have one fireplace in each room.

    2. Stove
    The kitchen was a main source of heat in many households. With cooking on the stove being the main method of cooking, homeowners could kill two birds with one stone. Stoves were heated by a wood fire underneath the stove top to heat pots and pans. This in turn would have provided much of the heat for the family home. In very early times it was common for whole families to sleep in the same room that they cooked in.

    3. Bed Warmers
    Before the days of electric blankets, bed warmers were used to heat people’s beds. Bed warmers were made out of either brass or copper, in the form of a pan with a long handle. The pan was then filled with rocks that had been heated on the edge of the fireplace. With the heated rocks in the pan, this would then be slid between the bed sheets. Not as convenient and turning an electric blanket on but a bed warmer pan did the trick.

    4. Thick Bedding
    Ever wondered where the term “comforter” came from? Thick comforters were invented to help families sleep comfortably and trap in body heat. Beds would have been piled with several layers of quilts and sheets to layer in warmth.

    5. Floor Rugs and Door Snakes
    Rugs and large mats were placed over flooring to make the floor feel less cold. This would have helped immensely for homes with stone flooring. Door snakes were also used to help keep out drafts from doorways and keep out warm air in.

    Nowadays, things are much easier, with the ability to warm up your entire house with the press of a button. Ducted and reverse cycle split systems are a great way to warm up your home this winter. They are easy to use and fast to warm up your home. You will also notice a considerable difference in warmth to your home once you have one of these systems installed. It definitely beats trying to use a bed warmer!

  • The last chance is gone! What Is America’s Tipping Point and What are You Prepared to Do When it comes? (Our government has stated that they can imprison anyone without cause for an indefinite amount of time.)

    The last chance is gone! What Is America’s Tipping Point and What are You Prepared to Do When it comes? (Our government has stated that they can imprison anyone without cause for an indefinite amount of time.)

    Have you ever wondered what makes a person snap? What causes a normal, quiet, everyday citizen, loving mother, or doting father to lose it all and fight like a caged animal? What can cause a small village to rise up and rebel against an oppressive police force and start killing them? What is the switch that gets flipped that causes a city to pour two million people into the streets, chanting and demanding to be heard by their government?

    Lately it feels more and more as though we are on standing on the edge of some yawning precipice peering over the crest into darkness. What is more troubling to me is that we have been down this path before. The sense of unease is almost palpable to me sometimes; it is more evident if you are paying attention. If you are able to eliminate the white noise of the world for a minute; hit the pause button on the playlist of daily life for a while and look around, listen, you may start to recognize that you too are caught up in events that will soon change all our lives.

    For several years I have felt an unsettling sense that we need to be prepared, that life is going to throw us a big, fat, greasy curve ball soon and we better not be caught napping. To try and proactively address that warning voice I started planning and taking steps to prepare my family to be able to weather events in the future. I am certainly not alone in this concern as you can easily see by the tremendous growth of the prepper movement. In the spectrum of probable events, there are a lot of potential scenarios. Natural disasters and emergencies occur every day all over the world, but you have to broaden your gaze and look to current events and history as well. One of the things that I think is a valid potential event to consider is a collapse of our way of life which leads to an authoritarian oppressive government.

    Are we reaching a tipping point?

     SS soldiers guarding the column of captive Jews in the Warsaw ghetto.
    SS soldiers guarding the column of captive Jews in the Warsaw ghetto.

    We have seen in recent events, by now almost too numerous to mention, the effects of a rising frustration with the way things are. It isn’t necessary to go into all of the individual reasons, but as a society there are more and more outpourings of frustration on a global scale. There are increasingly tightening restrictions against people. There is a manipulation of markets and the economy. There is a great increase in the loss of freedom and there is a more open antagonism and almost outright animosity by Government towards their people.

    Governments exist either because they have come to power through force and violence or they have been elected and given power by the people. The force and violence crowd usually have their roots in the military and we like to call them Dictators. There have been a ton of them throughout history; Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim Jong iL and now his son, Saddam, Gaddafi, the list goes on and on. Dictators don’t care about the people and usually kill anyone who gets in their way. It is a fact that government has killed more people than any other cause, disease or reason.

    The other side of the coin is what is usually called Democracies. I am lumping a lot of governments in here I know, but the democracies are usually elected and formed with the consent of the people with the noble goal of securing rights or protecting the people over whom they govern. Almost without fail however, Democratic Governments eventually do not want to answer to the people and at some point they most certainly will not be told what to do by the people to the point of ignoring the will of the people (for the people’s own good of course). Now these governments that are supposed to secure the liberties of their people are becoming more openly hostile to the same people they have sworn to defend. Funnily enough the democratically elected governments now seem to want to hang on to power with the same methods of force and violence as dictators. How else can you explain arming themselves with ammo, ignoring the constitution, purchasing assault vehicles and preparing to confiscate firearms?

    When governments will steal money outright from the citizens in order to pay bills that were not incurred by the people we have a problem. When government spies on its people and uses that information against them punitively we have a problem. When Government uses the force of the military that was supposed to defend the people that was paid for by the people, for the purposes of killing the people, we have a big problem. When someone brings to light crimes by the government and is labeled as the one who is a danger, we have a problem.

    The problem is that governments around the world are viewing their people as the problem and there really seems to be only one way throughout history that this is ever rectified. My fear is that we are already set on a course that won’t be changed with laws, great political leaders, or a return to the values of a golden age in time long past.

    The Fine Line – The Straw that breaks the camel’s back

    The fine line between someone who is a law-abiding citizen and a murderer is one that exists purely in our souls. There is nothing physical that is different from a person who follows the rules and someone who breaks them. The urge to pull the trigger isn’t something you can see and it isn’t a trait to test for, so it must be our own individual sense of right and wrong. Of good and evil.

    I know that some will argue that a psychopath is definitely recognizable by character traits and maybe even brainwaves or chemistry. That may be true, but you can be a psychopath (clinically) without ever hurting anyone. By the same token, you can take a life while being perfectly “sane”.

    If you hold a knife in your hand, you are just as capable of using that to stab or cut someone as the murderer in the next town, but that thought never enters the mind of an overwhelming majority of people. A baseball bat in your hands can easily be swung with great force connecting it to the back of a skull, but this thought never appears in our heads; that is unless we are forced into a corner. When a person is in desperate fear for their lives, the unspoken rules of right and wrong are broken. The processes that we follow every day are overridden in the cause of rage or self-preservation. What was unthinkable before is now very real, necessary and even righteous with the right circumstances.

    When the right buttons are pushed, anyone can lose it. When the fear of dying or of losing someone you love is so overpowering, the “fine line” that has been keeping us sane, law-abiding and good is easily shattered. When this happens, all bets are off.

    We as a people, a country are still rather firmly attached on the good side of this line. We have not yet completely been driven to abandon all hope and lash out. We have not yet been so harmed, have not gotten to the point that we have nothing to lose and are ready to lose it, but this may be coming in the future.

    The force and violence that is being used now to quell the dissatisfaction of people globally is increasing. The methods to cease the complaining of the rabble has been relatively minor with some exceptions. Tear gas, rubber bullets, mace and batons only work up to a point though. When the time comes that people can no longer abide, there won’t be enough police to stop them using riot control techniques. The military doesn’t have enough people to stop the entire population unless those people peacefully agree to surrender, so what will they do? Do you believe any government will quietly step down and admit that they are obviously not speaking for the people anymore? No. They will resort to more force and violence and people will die. Either that or you have a coup like they had in Egypt and guess who took over to “restore order”? Yep, the Military.

    What will be the inevitable response by the authorities?

    The Chinese people who started to revolt against the police in their town did so because the authorities were “placing restrictions on their culture, language and religion”. China is no picnic compared to America and we clearly know they have lived through far worse oppression than we have, but this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for them?

    The protests which turned into an estimated two million citizens of Brazil had started simply enough with a protest over a rise in the rates of public transportation.

    In America, what will be the trigger that causes people to rise up and say we aren’t going to take this anymore and more importantly what will happen when/if we do?

    What will happen if we don’t change the path we are on?

    The execution of the last Jew in Vinnytsia, made by an officer of the German Einsatzgruppen
    The execution of the last Jew in Vinnytsia, made by an officer of the German Einsatzgruppen

    There is a quote that has always struck me as very sad and telling from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his book The Gulag Archipelago. Solzhenitsyn was a Russian who was sentenced to 8 years in a Soviet prison camp for essentially writing things about Stalin that the government didn’t like. During this time in Soviet Russia, to stifle dissent, millions were killed or sent to prison camps. In this passage Solzhenitsyn is talking about regret that everyone felt because they simply went along with this tyranny and didn’t oppose it.


    Will this be our fate too? Will we slowly be conditioned to accept atrocities like this and to be completely defanged so that we can be herded into camps without so much as a whimper as well? That’s crazy you say! Is it? Right now, our government is hunting down someone who simply exposed how they (government) were illegally spying on all of us. Our government is buying arms and stockpiling weapons for use domestically not in some war. Our government has the IRS actively harassing a single political/opposition party. Our government has shown that they will lock down a town and go door to door while making the citizens stay cowered inside. Our government has stated that they can imprison anyone without cause for an indefinite amount of time.

    Can you seriously argue that we aren’t headed down the same path as others have in our not too distant past?

    This is not a call to armed Revolution, but I do think we should all be very wary of this course we are on and the echos of history. We should not be silent in the face of increasing oppression. We should not simply go along quietly because of the fear that we may get in trouble, or worse that we believe the government is only looking out for our best interests. You only need to look at the people in Poland who quietly went into the Warsaw ghettos. You don’t have to look any further than the Holocaust to see what quietly going along will get you.

    This is not a fate that I will be bringing on my family.

  • 13 Survival Skills Your Great Grandparents Had That You Don’t ( Our great grandparents were true survivors and they were able to thrive in challenging times)

    13 Survival Skills Your Great Grandparents Had That You Don’t ( Our great grandparents were true survivors and they were able to thrive in challenging times)

    Our great grandparents were true survivors and they were able to thrive in challenging times. The following are the survival skills your great grandparents had. If we think of our childhood and of everything they had to do, to be self-sufficient, we will realize they had skills that, today, we lack for certain.

    It is hilarious how we became so addicted to technology. How we forgot some of the survival skills our great-grandparents and grandparents thought us. We now use our phones even for the most basic things. Stuff like calculating the tip or learning how to boil an egg. We should look back and learn some of the survival skills our grandparents had.

    I don’t have so many memories of my great-grandparents as I would like to. However, I realize that some of the things we were doing together when I was a kid were more than just fun activities. They were real-life lessons, lessons that I’ve forgotten now.

    Even so, I can be sure of one thing. The survival skills they used more than 90 years ago will prove useful for my family and me when SHTF and it will be every man for himself.

    Here are some survival skills your great-grandparents had, skills that you should learn.

    Survival skills your great grandparents had – Hunting and Fishing

    Everyone in your great-grandparents’ generation knew how to hunt and fish for food. It wasn’t a sport or a hobby for them. In fact, it was a way to provide for their family and cut down on food costs. It didn’t matter where they lived, if they lived in a rural area or if they lived in the city.

    Being able to kill or catch their own food was an essential survival skill and it proved very useful, especially during harsh times, like the Great Depression.

    Survival skills your great grandparents had – Foraging

    One of the few memories from my childhood involving my great-grandfather is about us going mushroom picking. Even though back then I didn’t pay too much attention to it, today I understand it wasn’t just a bonding activity. For my great-grandfather, it was more than spending time with me. It was about foraging and about teaching me how to find food in the forest. Foraging is the easiest way to procure food when being out in the wild.

    However, you need to have the necessary knowledge of what is safe to eat and what it’s not. It is one of the survival skills you should learn and pass it on to your children.

    Survival skills your great grandparents had – Butchering

    Prepper's Will - Butchering survival skill

       A close friend of mine told me a funny story about his 5-year-old daughter, about how they visited a farm and what his daughter said; “Daddy is funny how there are two chickens, the ones we see here and the ones we eat”.

    For kids and for most of the teenagers today, acknowledging the fact that the chicken breast they ate comes from an animal they interacted with is a definite NO. Even more, the thought of someone having to butcher an animal and turn it into food, for them is unbelievable.

    In this modern age, it is unusual to have to chop up a whole chicken at home, let alone a full pig. Back in the days knowing how to cut up a side of beef or butcher an entire pig was a set of survival skills known by all men. Even most of the housewives were taking part in it.

    Women were also dealing with the entire task when it came to butchering an animal. If supermarkets are gone, most of the people will turn vegans rather than having to deal with butchering. And even if they build up the courage to do it, they won’t even know where to start.

    Survival skills your great grandparents had – Bartering

    When I was a kid, my great-grandmother used to send me to the neighbors to bring them eggs. I was usually doing it once or twice per week. I always thought the neighbors were grateful for the eggs and that’s why they were giving me strawberries or a jar of jam. Without knowing it back then, I was bartering with my great-grandparents’ neighbors. It took me years before I figured it out.

    In fact, bartering was so common back then that they didn’t have to tell us how it works or why they do it. Bartering was part of daily life. It was a typical thing to trade goods and services with the neighbors. You had the constant feeling of being part of a bigger family.

    It was a natural thing for people to do, back in the old days. Bartering is a skill that is coming back. It very well may be something you have to master when the dollar crashes.

    Survival skills your great grandparents had – Repairing and mending

    Today, if a shirt gets a hole in it, we throw it out and we buy a new one. We are a society that consumes without thinking and this trend is aggressively promoted by the media.

    Your great-grandparents didn’t let anything go to waste, not even a beat-up pair of jeans and it was a common practice for every other article of clothing they owned.

    Mending clothes was part of a woman’s chores. They took pride when restoring the favorite clothes of their loved ones. It wasn’t only about clothes, it was about anything that can be fixed or patched up, and it was a sustainable way of living.

    These are skills that someday might come in handy and you should be able to know how to fix the things you need. When was the last time you repaired something? If you can’t remember it, you’re probably not the handyman type.

    Survival skills your great grandparents had – Lighting a fire without matches

    This was something done every day and their survival skills were improving with time, they didn’t need any matches to start a fire. This skill is practiced today by many preppers and survivalists, as fire is something that we can’t live without.

    Today it’s much easier to start a fire as there are all sorts of fire starters and other tools. It’s a skill that can be taught without difficulties and you should take some time and teach your kids how to do it.

    Survival skills your great grandparents had – Bargaining

    Today we don’t haggle, we argue with people about prices and we leave with a false feeling that we at least tried and we feel good about us, although we didn’t achieve anything. Our great-grandparents were expert bargainers and they managed to deal with local shop owners and merchants without breaking a sweat. They always left the store without second doubts and with the feeling they did good business.

    It might be true that corporate chains control everything nowadays and haggling is becoming a thing of the past, but there are also some good examples that show skill is still alive. This is something that will come in handy during harsh times. If you ever bought anything from Craigslist and you managed to bargain and get a good deal, then there you have it. You were a haggler for a brief period. When SHTF, bargaining will be a skill that will save your life and help you thrive.

    Survival skills your great grandparents had – Knitting

    I can’t remember a Christmas time from my childhood when I didn’t receive a gift knitted by my great-grandmother. She always took the time to knit something for us. She would always get me a sweater or a pair of socks for Christmas.

    Also, I can’t say I was fond of it back then, but now I wish someone would give me a present that they made themselves. I would prefer that rather than receiving something bought from a store. Knitting wasn’t a hobby for my great-grandmother, it was a method of making useful items for our family.

    It was also an excellent occasion to socialize with women from her community. You may find it strange that knitting is listed among the survival skills. However, if you think about it, survival skills are not only about hunting and foraging, they are about being self-sufficient.

    Survival skills your great grandparents had – Gunsmithing

    Today, for most of us, being successful at basic gunsmithing can prove quite a challenge. We are used to buying aftermarket parts and that’s about all when it comes to firearm modification. It wasn’t the same for our great-grandparents.

    Having a good rifle ready at any time, made the difference between having a piece of meat on their plate or eating a salad. One may argue that guns weren’t so advanced back then and it was easier to modify them. It might be true, but our great-grandparents had something we don’t, they had the ingenuity and knowledge to do it.

    They didn’t have the luxury to buy a new part for their guns every time they had a problem. They managed to fix it with what they had at hand. Gunsmithing is a skill that would be searched for in a long-term crisis scenario. The more you know about your guns, the more you will gain from this knowledge.

    Survival skills your great grandparents had – Handwriting

    Mastering handwriting was something familiar for our great-grandparents. It helped them in various ways. From keeping in touch with the loved ones to having journals for crop cycles. Today this skill is dying and it is all due to technology. The habits our kids are developing has also led to its demise. If there will be no electricity, tapping your tablet will be in vain. To make a list of your supplies, you will have to rely on your handwriting skills.

    There is no need to exemplify why writing is an essential skill and why it shouldn’t be forgotten. Sure, it might not be a survival skill as many would think, but what if you keep a medical journal that holds the cure for your sickness and the only way to get cured is for someone to decipher your writings. I guess this puts things in another perspective, doesn’t it?

    Our great-grandparents and grandparents left us a great legacy. They taught us how to be self-sufficient and how to face life challenges. If you have forgotten what they thought you, it’s better to look back and re-learn their survival skills. The ways of the old days may soon be back and it’s better to be prepared.

    Stay Safe and God Bless!

    Original article from:

  • How an Economical Depression Or Economical Recession is Created and How it Affects You

    How an Economical Depression Or Economical Recession is Created and How it Affects You

    The financial world today runs on a different system’s approach as, say, before the Civil War. The old currency system was based on certificates of deposit of such valuables as jewels, gold and silver. The currency that the deposited valuables could support could be a maximum of seven times the value of the valuables on deposit. This magical number depended on the amount of bearers of certificates of deposit that insisted on having the certificates of deposit exchanged for the valuables themselves.

    Banking experience has proven that no more than 1 out 7 holders of certificates of deposit would demand redemption of their certificates. So, as long as the currency backed by the valuables was not inflated more than 7 times no one would notice any effect of the inflated currency and there would be no run on the bank. The inflated certificates of deposit actually stimulated business.

    The present system of currency, however, is based on debt. The more money, governments, people and corporations borrow the more money is available in the market to run business and people’s household budgets. If there are no new loans generated and there are no outstanding loans at all there simply is no money in circulation. The Federal Reserve System ( FRS ) would destroy all the currency it could lay its hands on- -and it can lay its hands on most of the money in circulation.

    This debt-based currency system was put in effect in the year 1915, together with the adoption of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution and the federal income tax laws and regulations- -the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ).

    The adoption of these three measures in addition to the already adopted Federal Reserve System is self-evident proof of conspiracy of powerful financial figures and elected officials in US government against the people of America. It caused the enslavement of the American people through accumulation of debt owed to our betrayers through a system of currency that automatically, in a rather short time, can bring the nation to irreparable financial ruination. The national debt is beyond control and growing in leaps and bounds daily.

    In fact, I heard a televised news cast in the fall of 1995 that announced that Congress had declared the US government bankrupt. The United States of America is now in receivership to the Federal Reserve System. The United States of America still exist in name only but the anchor of the foundation of the US, the free people of America, has been enslaved. The Constitution is now only a means, or a prop of propaganda to make the people believe they still have a nation and that as people they are still free. It is a lie.

    Without free people there simply is no United States of America.

    What does debt stand for? It stands for a measure of enslavement to the entity a person owes the debt to; especially when one is unable to repay the debt! How did we, the people, get into this enormous debt? The debt was created from absolutely nothing.

    For example, say, you ask a bank for a $1000.00 loan. The bank may not really have this amount of money in deposit. But that is no problem; the bank simply requests that $1000.00 in bills must be printed. This takes a little time. This period of time happens to coincide pretty well with the time it takes for your request to be approved. But on what authority is the money printed?

    There are no valuables to back the money that was printed. What really backed the request to print the money is your guarantee to pay back the money plus interest over a certain amount of time. You, as borrower, ‘is’ that authority; yet, you are stuck having to pay the interest on the loan, you are also stuck to make the promised payments on time and also stuck with having the property you purchased through the use of that loan foreclosed on you when you default. Not only did you guarantee to pay back the money you asked for, but your guarantee also allowed new currency to be printed and also gave the bank authority to have more money printed than you asked for. See, you must pay the interest on money the bank created out of thin air on your authority.

    How was currency created after 1915? Debt-based money came in circulation because government got the nation instantly into an expensive war about a cause that truly did not concern us at all and government never paid back the money it borrowed. After that war US government got the nation involved in any war it could deceive the people to help it fight. Also, government regularly overruns its budget wantonly and thus needs to borrow on a big scale. It allows enormous trade deficits every year that it never intends to pay back either. You can see that US government deliberately destroyed the liberty and financial independence of the nation and of the people over the last century.

    How did the wars the US got involved in get into being? These wars were planned behind the scenes by US government and its conspirator the FRS and the governments of the opposing nation(s). Then, the people were fooled to support government’s promoted wars through blatant systems of lies/propaganda so bizarre that it goes beyond people’s ability to conceive and understand. The people believed their governing officials and helped fight the wars. The people were herded through clever and deceitful propaganda to fight wars that even though America won on the battle fields yet caused them to lose their national and personal freedoms through the accumulation of debts these wars caused.

    I always compare these planned wars between peoples of different nations and cultures to cock fights in arenas where the cocks are enraged against each other to fight to the death of one of them. Truly, there is no difference. Nations of people are like fighting cocks/roosters that fight wars for the pleasure of the powers that own them and that plan and control every event of importance in the world.

    News broadcasts are means of spreading propaganda that binds the minds of the masses to the will of the hidden government. It is said that propaganda forms the attitude of the people targeted by the propaganda and makes willing robots of them to do the bidding of those who plan and execute the systems of propaganda- -government.

    These three measures enacted in 1915 go hand in hand to form a system of enslavement. The 16th amendment and the income tax are the tools to control and enforce the system of debt-based currency. A decade earlier US government allowed the establishment of a privately-controlled debt-based banking system. In the decade preceding the enactment of the actual debt-based currency, all the requirements, laws and rules necessary to run an effective debt-based currency were worked out behind the scenes so that upon adoption of the above mentioned three measures the system became immediately in enforced effect. It took some fifteen years to remove the bulk of the value-based currency from circulation. The planned great economical depression of 1929 saw to it that the remainder of value-based currency was removed as well.

    At the end of the hall leading to all the conference centers in Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina is an enlarged photo of the victory dinner showing a great hall in this hotel and many of the members of this conspiracy celebrating their victory of the official adoption by Congress and the people of these three measures! This photo cannot possibly show any other interpretation. The subscript says they ere all from Washington, DC.

    It must be noted that the Federal Reserve System and its board of supervisors is beyond the control and supervision of US government. It is an entirely independent institution based on a privately controlled trust. The directors of the system are the trustees of the trust. This board of trustees works for the beneficiaries of the trust. It is not generally known who these trustees are; but be sure they exist.

    The Federal Reserve System was inaugurated on the promise that the system would stabilize and regulate US business and the currency. The system is known as “a guided economy”. As we have experienced over almost a hundred years, the Federal Reserve Board did not live up to its agreements on which the system was based. This board of Trustees is merely working out its own secret agenda without any regard to business and people.

    It is a well-known principle among bankers and financiers that the entity that controls the currency of a nation controls the power in that nation. So, the people lost liberty and control over government by government transferring control of our currency to deceitful, independent private parties.

    This, again, proves the utter fallacy of democracy. You as voters are so cunningly deceived by your politicians that your vote works against you rather than for you. You are so ignorant of what you are doing, politically, that by voting you prove to be your own worst enemy- -because you vote in total ignorance of the power and cunning of forces behind the scenes.

    This whole scenario reminds me strongly of the scenario that played itself off in paradise between Woman and the serpent. There is no doubt in my mind that US government is a venomous serpent as well. US government deceived the people as perfectly as the serpent deceived Woman in paradise.

    Artificially created economic depressions or economic recessions are the cause that huge corporations like major car companies, airlines and food companies go belly-up and are taken over by foreign-owned concerns.

    That is the way the physical universe has been run as long as human beings were entered into it. You always are your own worst enemy because you act without ever knowing what really is going on. You never know what you are doing and what the long-term consequences are of you actions. The reason, of course, is deceit perpetrated in your trust of others who pretend to be trustworthy but, instead, are cunning, calculated liars.

    You can create currency also. If you receive a check from A you can make over the check to B and he can do so to C. This is the honest way because no one charges interest. The FRS does. There is the viper in the grass.

    In the physical environment what you believe seems true until you find out (if you are lucky) that you have been duped again. There are so incredibly many schemes of lies out there that you cannot possible understand what you are doing at any given moment. You literally act in total darkness.

    This, by the way, is so for everyone- -the deceivers and the deceived because through reincarnations you will constantly exchange roles like in a game of musical chairs. The reason for this is for your soul to learn and understand spiritual ramifications of truths you spurned when your souls (your real selves) were fully conscious in true reality. The belief in falsehood will tumble anyone instantly out of the realm of true reality into a fictitious reality that has its anchor in the lies you believe.

    Truly, he who controls the currency of a nation and therefore also controls the propaganda system is king; and he who controls the spiritual propaganda system and thereby conditions many spiritual entities is god over them in a realm of spiritual make-believe.

    The universe is such a spiritual realm of make-believe; and our deceiver and god is this one who goes by such names as Yahweh, Jehovah, Brahman, Allah, etc. We as soul entities have been taken in by a cunning and deceiving spirit, and we were led away from true reality into a virtual realm of make-believe. We, all, are there now- -in physical reality, captives in the only hell there is.

    In order to immediately create debt-based currency US government deliberately engaged the United States in World War I to create an excuse for government to borrow huge sums of money. It was the beginning of the US National debt- -a debt which is owed to the Federal Reserve System. World War I was the earnest beginning of circulation of debt-based currency.

    The inflated value of the currency based on debt is, I am not really sure, also several times the active debt outstanding. US government farmed out responsibility for our monetary system under a set of agreements in contract to which the Federal Reserve System operates. The inflation of the debt-based currency is controlled by clauses in this contract. This inflated currency stimulates more business and, supposedly, does not cause unnecessary inflation in prices or shortages of products.

    The Great Financial Crash of 1929 was deliberately engineered and caused by the Federal Reserve System ( FRS ) to remove value-based currency from circulation and to create a dire need for business and private citizens to borrow money to further business and household needs- -a currency now based on debt.

    The financial crash of 1929 also gave government the opportunity to establish the Social Security System to, mostly, guarantee government-sponsored retirement payments to everyone who retired from a full life time of work, and it also created systems of corporate entity identifying numbers and private citizens’ identification numbers- -in the latter case we call these numbers social security numbers. Originally, this number was very private and no one could coerce you to reveal it, but today almost all financial and corporate institutions will demand this number in order to be employed or to receive financial services.

    This assigned social security number, for government purposes, replaces a person’s given name and family name. Government, and by that I mean the Federal Reserve System, knows you only by this number. The major impact of the Social Security System for everyone is that a person’s status of free citizens was voluntarily changed to “ward of the state”- -comparable to number-identified life stock on a ranch. By the state becoming the citizens’ warden government, and by this I mean again the Federal Reserve System through the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ), has been given control and power over all our affairs.

    The 2nd WW was deliberately created to give the major nations in the world a means to borrow debt-based currency on grand-scale, to assert national governments’ power and to increase control over the affairs and income of the people.

    The Cold War was artificially created in conspiracy with the USSR to allow government to borrow huge funds from the FRS; much of which was given away as foreign aid to many countries and the debts these funds created were never paid off but were just added to the over-all US national debt.

    There has never been an entity in the universe that so rampantly and irresponsibly borrowed money and got away with hardly ever paying a penny back as US government. US government simply made the American people responsible for its own irresponsible actions. That is the reason that you are now enslaved to the FRS and International monetary Fund ( IMF) and have the Internal revenue Service ( IRS ) on your backs as your slave manager.

    Here again, the national banks are the real but hidden governments of the nations. What we call governments, now-a-days, are management institutions in the service of the privately-held Federal Reserve System//National Banks. I regard the Federal Reserve System as the real government behind the front of US government.

    Now, here is the scheme used to create a recession. The Federal reserve System ( FRS ) begins to destroy much more currency than it renews. This creates a shortage of money in the economy. Because of the shortage less new loans are granted and therefore much less new currency is issued. This further decreases the shortage of currency and stops people’s ability to purchase items on credit; which in turn causes a slump in production and services.

    Businesses cannot honor their outstanding bills and are forced to lay-off personnel. Many businesses will go into bankruptcy and thus more people are without jobs. Jobless people must default on many loans on TVs, cars, boats, insurances of all kinds, and the many other things people make payments on. These things deepen the depression because the financial institutions do not receive the payments they need to stay in business. This will continue to a point determined by the FRS when most of its goals have been reached.

    See, how incredibly easy it is to create an economic depression or recession if you have finagled to secure the power to control a nation’s currency. You can see US government’s unforgivable guilt in this situation.

    The point of turn-around of the economy is based on a certain percentage of shrinkage of the over-all domestic money supply. When this point is reached the greatest number of well-established people have lost the major part of their wealth. This was the FRS’ purpose to start the economic recession in the first place.

    So, when a nation’s currency is based on debt one can be sure that economic depressions will occur at regular intervals. It, all, is done to allow the master to be master by manipulating the wealth and production of the people in the nation. What, after-all, is the use of being master if one does not exert one’s mastership over the enslaved rabble?

    Another serious effect of an economic recession is caused by the Internal Revenue Code ( IRC ) and The Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ). If you make over a $100,000.00 per year you pay a good slice of it in taxes, unless you reinvest much of your earnings in, supposedly, legitimate tax-shelters.

    For people on the upward curve of earned income there are some opportunities allowed by the Inter Revenue Service to shelter your earnings from taxes. You are allowed to deduct the interest on the mortgage of your home. Thus many people buy very expensive properties with hardly any down payment. This produces a big deductable item on the income tax forms.

    Another example is to buy rental property on which one can make huge write offs for tax purposes. For example, many people buy rental properties requiring big loans to secure title and must spend lots of money in tax-deductible expenses in order to prevent the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) from grabbing their money. These individuals owning personal and rental properties are now extremely vulnerable to a Federal Reserve Board planned recession because home owners and renters have been laid off and are in default on home and rent payments.

    Therefore, these people cannot make payments to the lending institution and the properties are foreclosed on by the banks. Many people may be laid-off or see their income potential disappear like snow in the sun. If there are no sales in business the incomes of many white-collar workers are severely affected. This affects their ability to pay their monthly bills.

    In a depression huge numbers of property are foreclosed upon and are for sale. Very few can afford to purchase the foreclosed properties because money is extremely tight; and whatever savings one has invested in properties secured by a mortgage then disappear in the nothingness from which the loans were originally pulled.

    Financial institutions cannot lend funds because of all the defaults in mortgage loan payments. Financial institutions will thus have huge inventories of cars, boats real estate, etc. that they cannot get rid off without experiencing huge losses. Thus, privately organized banks will go bankrupt as well.

    Those holding other kinds of (mortgaged) investments cannot sell them unless at great loss. An economic depression will thus creep around to hurt almost every one.

    In the present economic depression US government pumped 1 trillion dollars into the world-wide economy. Where do you think that money came from? It was created and lent from thin air and printed while the trillion dollars debt and the yearly prime rate in interest attached to it were simply added to the US national debt. No problem, Government is the Wizard of OZZ, but it never pays back the loans. So this government’s financial help turns out to be a shorter chain between your leg and the iron ball.

    The problem with the debt-based money system is that loaned money is created from thin air but once the loan exists it is regarded as if the debt was underwritten by pure gold. The debt will not evaporate like water from a lake. The water (debt) is frozen and not a molecule of it is allowed to escape. In the example of a lake, water freely comes into it through the process of precipitation; and some of the water collected in the lake is allowed to evaporate to join the mass of water held as vapor in the atmosphere. This is not so with the national debt. It was created from nothing but once it exists as national debt it is like the rocks in the earth. It suddenly acquired real substance- -through a process of financial and reversed book-keeping hocus-pocus.

    If you are not in-the-know about these things you will always be betrayed by those in whom you placed your trust and you will be like lambs led to be slaughtered.

    This set-up, folks, is what the FRS considers “guided economy”. Every so often those with large savings are separated from their funds like fattened and slaughtered chickens are stripped of their feathers.

    Once the goals of their plans have been realized the FRS will expand the money supply and allow business to expand along a calculated upward curve but with a new crowd of potential ‘heavies’ seeking control. When the recession is over most everyone must start over from scratch.

    However, another effect of an economic depression is that many formerly financially well-established folks are now dejected, in psychological depression and are as poor as church mice while a new, younger and more vigorous group of entrepreneurs will start to create an abundance of wealth for themselves.

    This newly educated bunch of youngsters, having more ambition and guts than those who lost most of their assets, now have the opportunity to become wealthy; and when they consider themselves set for life the FRS creates another economic recession, etc, etc and strips them of their wealth. In the present environment of conspiracy between the FRS and government, no one can win permanently other than the FRS and its beneficiaries. These beneficiaries own the whole set-up and make nothing but profits.

    Your financial and psychological fate rests entirely in the might and power of the national bank of your nation and that fate will blossom and wilt before you are of retirement age. The governments of the world, now, are no more than servants of these privately held, untouchable, national banks. You can vote until you appear to have purple and gold in your countenance, but it will do not a single bit of good in controlling the real government of your nation. The true governments of the nations, the national banks, are secure from the vagaries of the voting process. Your vote is worth absolutely nothing!

    Today, these national banks are confederated into a single body known as the IMF- -the International Monetary Fund. The people of the world were simply enslaved by their governments to the national banks without anything having been paid for their enslavement. It is a grosser rape than the revolution and communist take-over in Russia and of Negroes uprooted from their native soil and sold into slavery all over the world without anything of value having being paid in return.

    The only manner in which I can see redemption from the enslaving grasp of the IMF and its member national banks is when the debt created by the businesses and the people of a country is owned by a truly, people-controlled government (I mean controlled in fact by the people). The system of currency cannot be held by private parties. If we would have this system there would be no purpose to embroil the people in a constant procession of wars and economic recessions.

    If the debt is controlled by a truly people-controlled government then the debt can be simply evaporated even as private, debt-based wealth is now evaporated through artificial manipulation of the economy. The national debt could regularly be declared non-existent by government action so that no one will feel a loss, but instead will have a renewed confidence in government. The debt-based currency, after all, exists only to conduct and further business among ourselves. Once the purpose of the nationally granted loans is realized there is no need to keep them on the books.

    Debt would then drive the debt-based currency and economy, but debt would not be an enslaving factor because the people are the debtors and the owners of the debt. In truth, in the present system they are the owners of the debt also because the debtors are the underwriters of the creation of the currency. The problem is that the people do not know that. Such a new system would be wholesome and would encourage business and the accumulation of private wealth without hurting anyone.

    We would thus no longer encounter the ridiculously high debts the nations owe the national banks. The Federal Reserve System, in fact, would be a valid, accountable department in a servant-based government that is wholly controlled by a governing, voting public. We would again have a republic rather than a useless democracy. Government would be in authentic power without the innumerable criminals that now hide in, around and behind the scenes of government.

    Presently, you are physically as enslaved and as totally helpless in your enslavement as the Negro slaves were some two hundred years ago. The slaves in America found their redeemer in President Lincoln and all of you today may have a redeemer in my writings.

    My writings will inform you of your physical and spiritual entrapment. I use physical conditions only as examples to show how utterly entrapped we are in our soul entities. Remember, the spiritual realm is for real and thus your soul exists. If your soul is real, what, possibly, can be your physical entity but a nightmare of soul in spirit! Either the physical environment is real or the spiritual environment is real.

    The universe cannot be real because everything in it dies, deteriorates or vanishes- -including the world and the heavens that contain it, according to Jesus- -and new things appear in their places. Know that Jesus is right; the universe had a beginning and it certainly will have its end! And no one knows when that will be! Is that not strange? It proves that someone is playing hanky-panky with our spiritual minds.

    An example of things that vanish can be a program you are watching on TV. While you are watching the program the electricity goes out and the program you are watching vanishes into absolute nothingness. The universe is as contrived an entity as the TV program you were watching. It seems to be there but it can vanish without warning.

    I am a spiritual redeemer. I received my understanding from Jesus of Nazareth’s words in context with some of the writings of Moses given in the beginning of the book of Genesis and through an awful lot of personal study, experience and insight gained in this life. Jesus’ teaching could not redeem us before because we as soul-entities were too engrossed in being human to ever be aware of our reality-shattering state of spiritual enslavement, delusion or even aberration.

    Our spiritual existence has been hidden in betrayals of reality within a virtual reality within more virtual realities. In our spiritual existence we have lost our identity in true reality and are now possibly lost forever in virtual mind delusions. The god we know as humans and as souls is our deceiver and enslaver, even as the financial wizards in conspiracy with governments, presently, are our deceivers and enslavers.

    I was spiritually guided to understand the meaning and purpose of the utter powerlessness of physical life and I have been given time to inform you of your condition. I gave it all to you in books and articles. I have not much time left. I am in old age and I will not be among you very much longer.

    Some of you will heed my words and find financial liberty in this life and spiritual liberty as souls in spirit. The rest of you will eventfully go down, together with all the utterly spiritually uninformed into the hell of irredeemable spiritual existence as wild and hunted animals in a virtual setting of physical nature- -the possibility of spiritual understanding and redemption lost forever.

    The greatest problem we have as humans is that we mistake our real enemies for friends and our true friends as enemies or as people one must not take too seriously; and, also, that we confuse our true spiritual father with a deceiver.

    That is because our enemies have silken tongues but our true friends tell us the truth.

    Those who will never come in contact with my writings will have an excuse because they never knew any better; but readers of my writings who disregard the truth of their condition presented in my articles and books are without excuse. Upon your physical expiration, whether you are of the clergy, a lay person, an atheist or a powerful financial wizard, there will be no help for you ever. Your religious beliefs or your by-propaganda-ingrained personal stances toward spiritual reality and toward physical life form your sole personal and spiritual prisons.

    My writings deserve your full attention, consideration and reflection in reaching a decision about your fate as a conscious entity physically and as a lost soul spiritually.


  • Counter-Terrorism (Criminal and Terrorist Gun Tracking Concepts and Strategies Considered)

    Counter-Terrorism (Criminal and Terrorist Gun Tracking Concepts and Strategies Considered)

    This article is my own creation and I have full copyright!

    Well, you and I are not privy to the homeland security intelligence, but even when there is an investigation of what is going on in that regard with our federal government all of us taxpayers and voters seem to get is the runaround. The stories usually get deeper and more complex, with so much interwoven misdirection that eventually it becomes impossible to know much of anything. The worst part about all this is we are to trust our government, trust these investigations, and allow them to sweep all their dirty laundry back under the carpet.

    Some would say that if you don’t trust the federal government, that you are a conspiracy theorist of some type, that you aren’t a good citizen, or that perhaps you should be on a watch list. To this I say; bull plucky because even our founding fathers warned us to not trust the government, not just the government they were forming, but any government anywhere on this planet which involved humans, which so far is all the governments that exist.

    Am I saying that citizens should use the old CIA motif; “Trust No One” when it comes to our government? Well, what I am saying is that we’ve been getting the runaround on so many things that we’d be fools to trust anything that they say, or anything any politician says sitting up at a podium trying to explain what happened and why. Obviously, they don’t want to tip off the bad guys, but they inadvertently end up treating citizens as if we were the bad guys, just for asking.

    Since the evildoers and bad guys already know what happened and because they have infiltrated our government, it turns out that the citizens are the only people who are still dark, and we must be kept there for a reason. Okay, just so you know I’m not speaking in tongues, or haven’t gone off my rocker, perhaps I should give you a real life example. Okay so, certainly.

    The was an interesting piece in Government Executive Online News on September 20, 2012 titled; “Report clears attorney general, cites 14 others in Fast and Furious operation,” by Eric Katz. Okay, just by the titled you can understand the gist of the story right.

    Now then, granted, the concept of gun-tracking makes sense, but if the authorities are incompetent, then remind me why they need my taxpayer’s money, or why we should trust them to protect the American People – and if the government cannot protect us, it simply isn’t needed at the Federal Level – seriously, think about it.

    If the government wanted to use the weapons tracking to help find the drug dealers, perhaps, that is a strategy which could potentially work. However, if their technology wasn’t good enough, or if they didn’t know what they were doing, then they should have never attempted it. The other day, I was talking with a wildlife expert and they said they often tagged wild animals, and released them. She indicated that often these wild animals would fall off the radar, and their GPS tracking units wouldn’t work anymore.

    If we can’t even get our technology to track animals, how are we supposed to track the bad guys who are often smarter than the good guys, and they have a lot more money at their disposal? It’s a rhetorical question, you don’t have to answer. I just hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

    If you have any dissatisfaction with my content, you can tell me here and I will fix the problem, because I care about every reader and even more so about your opinion!

  • The Secret To Winter Gardening- 10 Winter Gardening Ideas For Your Garden

    The Secret To Winter Gardening- 10 Winter Gardening Ideas For Your Garden

    If you’re a gardener, then you’ll be looking forward to the spring, and already know exactly what needs doing in your garden this year. If you’re not that keen in the garden, or perhaps don’t have green fingers, and you’re not sure what needs doing, then perhaps these gardening ideas will help.

    1. Although it might still be cold, the winter is a good time to tidy up your garden and change the layout or use of your garden. This means that you’ll still have time to plant your flowers or vegetables so that that they’ll bloom this year.

    2. You might want to start planning for the spring and summer. Will you do anything different this year? What plants do you need? What tools do you need? What can be reused? What didn’t grow well last year, and why?

    3. You might also want to take stock of what you’ve got, and what you need for this year. Perhaps you want to try different fruits or vegetables, or want to know if something more exotic will grow in your garden. You’ll need to know when to plant things and what sort of conditions they need.

    4. Now is also a good time to do any repair jobs, such as in the greenhouse, garden, or the shed. You’ll want to make sure that your tools and pots survive winter, and that you know whether you need more compost or pots.

    5. You’ll want to make sure that you buy and plant all the seeds that need to be planted at this time of year, otherwise it might be too late for them to grow this year.

    6. If you need tools or perhaps even a new shed or greenhouse, you might that it’s cheaper at this time of year, so it might be worth getting what you need now, rather than waiting for the spring or summer.

    7. It’ also a good idea to check that you’ve got all the pots you need too. If you know that you’ll need plant food, or lawn food, why not get it now then you’ve got it.

    8. It might be that some of your plants need pruning now, why not find out what can be tied back or pruned, and what needs repotting? See which pots you can reuse this year, and what needs to be replaced.

    9. Why not make a timetable of what needs to be done each month, so that you don’t forget? There’s so much to do in the garden over the next 12 months that you won’t want to forget anything. Perhaps you just want to remember when your seeds should be planted, or when your trees need cutting back, or perhaps you want to know much more about all the other plants that would grow in your garden.

    10. Why not get the children involved? They’re sure to want to help and will be excited to watch their seeds grow. They can help you to mow the lawn, or choose pots or a new shed. By letting them help, they’re also more likely to inherit your passion for gardening too.

    Now you know what you can do in your garden over the coming months, perhaps now is the time to see what other gardening ideas you can think of.

  • How To Make a Mini Root Cellar In Your Backyard In Less Than Two Hours

    How To Make a Mini Root Cellar In Your Backyard In Less Than Two Hours

    Once upon a time, root cellars were the only way people had to preserve their food. These wonderful cold-storage areas became less common when refrigerators became affordable. Houses were no longer automatically built with a root cellar beneath or nearby.

    A root cellar is still a great way to store fruits and vegetables, though, especially when you need to store more than you have room for indoors. They will also keep the fruits and vegetables fresh without electricity. If your house doesn’t have one, you can still take advantage of nature’s “ice box.” All it takes is a shovel, a little elbow grease and a trash can.

    Watch the video below for more details!

    The Basic Concept

    Root cellars are built underground, usually just below the frost line. The ground stays cool at that depth but it does not freeze. Some sort of ventilation allows for air movement to help prevent rot, although the vents are closed for the winter. Vegetables and fruits are kept cool under these conditions but do not freeze. They stay fresh and ready to eat throughout the cold winter months.

    The Modern Root Cellar

    You don’t have to rent a front-end loader and dig a root cellar to take advantage of nature’s natural food-preserving abilities. A very efficient modern root cellar can be made from a hole in the ground and a container. This type of root cellar is actually a bit of an improvement over the old style. You can have a number of smaller, individual root cellars rather than one big one. Vegetables and fruits can be kept separate and you can just access the root cellar you need. You don’t have to go digging through various vegetables to get the one you want.

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    What You Will Need:

    1. Dirt shovel
    2. Trash can (galvanized steel or plastic)
    3. Drill or hammer and nail
    4. Straw
    5. Rocks
    6. Plywood

    The depth of the hole should be adjusted according to your freeze line or how deep the soil freezes in your area. Be sure to dig deep enough for the can to sit on the rocks at the bottom of the hole and still be at or just below the freeze line.


    Place the root cellars in sandy soil and/or in a slightly elevated area. Do not put them where water tends to saturate the ground and does not quickly drain away. You want some humidity but you don’t want the fruits and vegetables to be saturated. Excess water in the bottom of the can will also interfere with proper ventilation. You want to make sure there will be some air movement from the holes in the bottom of the can.


    Install separate root cellars for fruits and vegetables. They should not be stored together within the same can, even if they are separated with straw. Fruits give off ethylene which will cause vegetables to ripen and rot. They also cause potatoes to sprout.

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    Vegetables that Store Well Together

    Many vegetables have similar temperature and humidity requirements.

    The following can be stored together within the same can at 32 to 40 degrees F/0 to 4 degrees C at 90 to 95% humidity:

    • Beets
    • Brussels sprouts
    • Cabbage
    • Carrots
    • Cauliflower
    • Celery
    • Endive
    • Horseradish
    • Kale
    • Leeks
    • Turnips

    Do not store damaged vegetables but do leave them dirty.

    Just brush off most of the dirt. Do not rinse them or wash them. Use damaged fruits and vegetables right away. Bacteria and fungus will quickly take hold on bruised or cut produce.

    Store onions in a cool, dry root cellar with temperatures of 32 to 35 degrees F/0 to 1 degree C and 60 to 70% humidity after you shock them. Shock them by bending or snapping the green stems 1 month before harvest. You can store peas with onions.

    Regular potatoes and sweet potatoes need to be stored separately. Regular potatoes should be kept at 38 to 40 degrees F/3 to 4 degrees C and 80 to 90% humidity. Sweet potatoes should be kept at 50 to 55 degrees F/10 to 13 degrees C with 80 to 90% humidity.

    Dried beans need to be kept cool and dry with temperatures between 32 and 50 degrees F/0 and 10 degrees C in 60 to 70% humidity.

    Pumpkins and squash can be stored together in a warm, dry root cellar. Temperatures should be kept between 50 and 55 degrees F/10 and 13 degrees C with 60 to 75% humidity.

    Store apples and pears in a cold, moist root cellar with temperatures of 32 to 40 degrees F/0 to 4 degrees C in 80 to 90% humidity.

    If you notice your fruits or vegetables beginning to shrivel, the humidity level is too low. Try misting the layers of straw with a little water to increase moisture levels. If there is a little condensation or moisture on the fruits or vegetables, you will need to reduce the humidity in the root cellar. Replace the straw with fresh, dry straw and make sure there isn’t standing water beneath the can. You may have to move the can if there is standing water in the hole.

    Important Below:

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    The US Army’s Forgotten Food Miracle And 126 Superfoods That You Can Store Without Refrigeration for Years

    Watch the video below!

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