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The Secret To Winter Gardening- 10 Winter Gardening Ideas For Your Garden

If you’re a gardener, then you’ll be looking forward to the spring, and already know exactly what needs doing in your garden this year. If you’re not that keen in the garden, or perhaps don’t have green fingers, and you’re not sure what needs doing, then perhaps these gardening ideas will help.

1. Although it might still be cold, the winter is a good time to tidy up your garden and change the layout or use of your garden. This means that you’ll still have time to plant your flowers or vegetables so that that they’ll bloom this year.

2. You might want to start planning for the spring and summer. Will you do anything different this year? What plants do you need? What tools do you need? What can be reused? What didn’t grow well last year, and why?

3. You might also want to take stock of what you’ve got, and what you need for this year. Perhaps you want to try different fruits or vegetables, or want to know if something more exotic will grow in your garden. You’ll need to know when to plant things and what sort of conditions they need.

4. Now is also a good time to do any repair jobs, such as in the greenhouse, garden, or the shed. You’ll want to make sure that your tools and pots survive winter, and that you know whether you need more compost or pots.

5. You’ll want to make sure that you buy and plant all the seeds that need to be planted at this time of year, otherwise it might be too late for them to grow this year.

6. If you need tools or perhaps even a new shed or greenhouse, you might that it’s cheaper at this time of year, so it might be worth getting what you need now, rather than waiting for the spring or summer.

7. It’ also a good idea to check that you’ve got all the pots you need too. If you know that you’ll need plant food, or lawn food, why not get it now then you’ve got it.

8. It might be that some of your plants need pruning now, why not find out what can be tied back or pruned, and what needs repotting? See which pots you can reuse this year, and what needs to be replaced.

9. Why not make a timetable of what needs to be done each month, so that you don’t forget? There’s so much to do in the garden over the next 12 months that you won’t want to forget anything. Perhaps you just want to remember when your seeds should be planted, or when your trees need cutting back, or perhaps you want to know much more about all the other plants that would grow in your garden.

10. Why not get the children involved? They’re sure to want to help and will be excited to watch their seeds grow. They can help you to mow the lawn, or choose pots or a new shed. By letting them help, they’re also more likely to inherit your passion for gardening too.

Now you know what you can do in your garden over the coming months, perhaps now is the time to see what other gardening ideas you can think of.

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